Fall Hair Hacks

Hair (pun intended *wink wink*) are some tips for those luxurious miens readers:

Courtesy PopSugar

Braids work best when you're a little behind on shampooing. That's right, less than clean hair holds best or you can use a mattifying product.

From Odile Gilbert

Adding a velvet ribbon to your ponytail can give you that edgy look you're craving.

Orlando Pita's Styling

Sleek, straight hair with volume is possible if you leave your hot straightener a little open when using it. Clamping down can destroy cuticles and flatten the look excessively. 

Courtesy Redbook Mag

Conditioning twice or leaving your hair wrapped tightly in a towel until almost dry can give you frizz free curls.

By Eva Scrivo

The hotter the water, the quicker the hair colour loss. So, if you paid top price to that colorist, stick to lukewarm or colder water when washing.

Here are some tips from eSalon, a great site to check out if you're looking for some at home hair color, fall hair coloring tips, or some hair hacks!:

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