EricDress Boots

Now I have been a long time fan of boots of all kinds. And the winter and fall seasons are just the right time to indulge in my uber-boot problem. Of course for such a savant as myself, there is no wrong season to wear 'em (yup, I'm one of those summer time boot-wearers that everyone hates). But, I digress. At this time of year, I'm sure all of the closeted boot lovers come out to play. And since that's what this post is all about, here is a look at some of my faves. I hope I inspire even some of you cold-hearted boot-haters to try them out as well. Go brave! (*snicker, snicker, wink, wink*)

As for an introduction to the website itself, EricDress.com has a wider variety of men's and women's clothing, accessories and much more. Plus, there's always a sale going one so you're bound to save once your shopping with them. They have tonnes of shoes which is why I chose them to feature in this post.

First, lets take a look at some cheap high heel boots that can be found here:

European Lace-Up Boots - $29.39

Chunky Heel Ankle Boots - $36.25

This link can be used to get the best cheap womens boots online, especially beautiful black high heel boots.

Here are some cheap winter boots:

Cross-tied Boots - $18.61

PU Round High Boots -$19.59

Metal Tassels Boots - $29.10

Knee High Boots - $34.44

Lace Suede Boots - $29.84

Furry Side Zipper Boots - $32.33

You can also check out EricDress at the link for more styles and sales!


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