Shoespie Spring Wardrobe

Spring is in the air and for all of you shoe-holics like myself, I give you a blog post that will feed your obsession courtesy http://www.shoespie.com/

First, some cheap heels which you can get at this link http://www.shoespie.com/C/Cheap-Heels-104569/ :

Pink Ballet Stiletto Heels - $73.19
Pointed Toe Lace Heels - $57.99
Lace Up Stiletto Heels -$81.79
Now many of you not only have a fetish for cheap high heels, but wedge heels are a must too. So, in that vein, you may want to shop this link: http://www.shoespie.com/C/Wedge-Heels-101411/ . You will be able to find wedges heels cheap like these:

Sexy Suede Wedge - $46.69

Glitter Silver Heels - $65.89
Contrast Colour Wedge Heels- $72.79

Shoespie also has sandals, bags, men's section and many other categories of accessories and shoes featuring styles like these:

Green Lace Up Sandals-$79.89
High Top Men's Sneaker- $28.99
Leather Tote Handbag -$98.09

An Easter Sale is going on right now with various discounts that you may wanna check out as well:


Go to Shoespie for more lovelies =)


Spring Break Wishlist

Just a few Spring essentials, especially for you college kids taking that much-needed vacay (like myself). First, let's start with a lounging essential:

Lace Hollow Bra - $4.40

A couple of dresses that will keep you cool and are still chic during the day and night:

Strapless Floral Dress - $12.66
Black Off the Shoulder Dress - $17.79

And of course, the hot-weather, show-off key pieces:

Embellished Backless Bikini - $17.21
Active Yoga Pants - $5.80
Push Up Geometric Bikini - $4.85
Scoop Neck Cut Out T-Shirt - $5.02

Shop more styles like these at SammyDress lovelies =)

And check out some of their on-going campaigns:



L'Oreal Paris Extraordinay Hair Car Line

I recently received the L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Hair Care shampoo, conditioner and hair mask from Influenster for testing and review. Here are a few pics for you guys. I love the line so much that I definitely recommend it to you. Most hair products promise a change but don't deliver. With this, I don't need any serum or extra hold spray! It's just bouncy curls with no frizz!

And in case you were wondering where you can purchase it, you can get it at Amazon and the L'Oreal websites directly.
Let me know if you guys give it a shot too =)


I See Summer With SammyDress

Now I know that summer is really far away but you guys know that the beach babe in me just can't wait that long. So, here are my picks for this summer's must-have wardrobe (and yes I intend to spend most of my time in a bikini) courtesy of SammyDress:

Star Print Tassels Bikini Set - $7.21

See-Through Embroidery Blouse - $9.33
Three Piece Divided Swimsuit - $5.67

Polka Dot Print Ruffles Bikini - $6.05

Halter Polka Dot Bikini - $4.70

Aren't they all absolutely stunning? Check out my summer clothing from Sammydress!