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A TideStore Summer

What am I currently craving this summer when the heat sets in? These fab clothing items from Tidestore:

Bandage Crop Top - $6.39

V Neckline Maxi Dress  - $12.49

Backless Tank Top - $5.66

Lace Embroidery Pants - $18.79

Riveted Colour Block Shorts  -$26.79

Oval with Alloy Frame Sunglasses - $19.99

And when the weather begins to get colder from September, I'll be prepared with some very colourful Hoodies and Cardigans:

Chic Buttons Sheath Hoodie - $26.19

Bat Sleeve Cardigan - $35.59

What I love most is that there is clothing available for all sizes. Rejoice all you plus size beauties!
Like my picks? Check out for great prices (they really are that good!) and beautiful, unique clothing. Here are some instant links below to help you navigate their enormous online store:

cheap hoodies online -
plus size fashion - 

Happy shopping readers! Let me know if you end up buying anything from them and feel free to post some pictures too. I love to be the source of inspiration =)


  1. Maxi dresses are so cute :)
    Maybe we could follow each other, let me know <3

    1. Thank you. I am following you on GFC, Instagram, Bloglovin,Facebook.Kisses!

  2. So many pretty things! I like the red dress best

  3. Love that cardigan! So chic! Great post. Just followed! :)

  4. Want to follow each other via GFC, Google Plus, and Facebook??