Insta-Faves of the Last Six Months

My Instagram has been buzzing thanks to you guys and I just wanted to share some of the favourites for the last six months as we move into the 2nd half of 2014. Hey, before you know it, 2015 will be knocking =)


Oubly $30.00 Giveaway

This post features a giveaway from Oubly. I'm not hosting it but I still wanted to share it all the same.

The Prize:
Oubly.com is offering $30 Oubly gift codes to 5 lucky winnerrs!

Oubly is an online platform that offers stylish personalized stationery cards for all of life's special moments.

Oubly features an exclusive collection of over 1,000 designs created by an eclectic group of Los Angeles based designers.

Here is a small taste of what your audience can purchase from Oubly.com.

Here are some perks of shopping with them:
Lovely branded packaging
$5 unlimited shipping
Free envelopes with every order
Free shipping on orders over $49

To enter the contest, go to the following link:

Good luck guys =)


Sunglasses Giveaway

Here is a new giveaway my lovely readers courtesy Fashadeslte

First, let me introduce the site. Fashadelte sells Ray-Ban, Oakley, Dior and Gucci Sunglasses at 10-70% off! Orders over $60.00 receive free shipping too. They over 2000 products from 30 different categories. Here are some of their banners and some of my favourite styles:

Dior Sunglasses - $258.00 $15.99!

Gucci Sunglasses - $223.00 $15.99

You guys should definitely check out all their Women's styles and New Arrivals too.

Now for the competition, use the rafflecopter form below to enter and leave a comment stating which style from Fashdeslte you like. Giveaway is open internationally and ends July 7th. For an extra entry, Follow, tag and repost any one of the pictures at the end of this post on Instagram. I'll put your entry in the giveaway box for you =)

The Prize:
One pair of sunglasses of your choosing! Happy entering guys =)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Vogue Italia's Sport Style

Handbag - $1260.00
Backpack - $2000.00
Leather Shorts - $2000.00

Jeremy Scott Dress
Adidas Socks - $15.00

Valentino Dress - $5990.00
Manolo Blahnik pumps - $595.00

Velour Hat - $278.00
Leather Gloves - $379.00

Adapted from Vogue Italia in June

Shop the items in the photo shoot:


Re-Post: Anjolee Blog

A repost from the Anjolee Blog:

All about Emeralds

green gemstones 1200x627Birthstones are a long-standing tradition in Western culture. The birthstone for May is the emerald. If you or a loved one has a May birthday, take a look at some of the below interesting facts.
What Does the Emerald Symbolize?
The Greeks believed that the intense beauty of the emerald was derived from Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. The emerald was also used to protect a significant other from unfaithfulness, and it still symbolizes loyalty, faithfulness, and friendship. Because it is green, it is often also associated with life and nature.
Where Do Emeralds Come From?
Most emeralds are found in Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Starting in about 330 B.C., they were mined in Egypt and considered rare gems reserved for royalty. When they began trade, the Greeks called them smaragdus, which means green.
What Powers Do Emeralds Have?
The ancients believed emeralds held powers such as restoring eyesight, which is why ancient statues sometimes feature emeralds as eyes. Some still believe that emeralds protect the skeletal system, flesh, skin, cardiovascular system, and intestines. For metaphysical believers, it is said that the emerald also has the power to transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts, and that it has the ability to stabilize and to soothe. This is one of the reasons why emeralds are said to symbolize good fortune and foresight: it’s calming and balancing nature allows one to control his or her emotions well enough to have foresight and improve kindness.
What Does Giving an Emerald Symbolize?
If you choose to give the gift of an emerald (as possibly a birthday present for someone with a May birthday), you are traditionally giving the gift of youth, good fortune, and foresight. While the gift of an emerald is common in gemstone bracelets, emeralds are also a great gemstone for rings, earrings, and necklaces. They’re often accompanied by diamonds to bring out the rich colour in the emerald, though some sets may place an emerald alongside another gemstones for more colour.
Looking for fine emerald jewellery? Browse www.Anjolee.com today and build the gemstone jewellery of your dreams!  


Artisoo Giveaway - 3 Winners!

It's time for another giveaway courtesy of Artisoo! This time, there will be 3 winners!

The Prize:
$75 vouchers in total which will be given in $25 to 3 winners. Each winner can use once. The voucher only applies to all paintings on artisoo.com, but cannot be combined with other coupons. The voucher does not apply to custom orders.

Here's a little info about Artisoo:
The price can be used on any paintings in Artisoo.com, including the week deal special paintings. So you can get an amazing hand-painted painting costing less than $30 using the $25 vouchers.
Artisoo view-in-room system exists in any product page, such as The Promenade Woman With A Parasol.

Use the form below to enter. Giveaway ends 24th June 2014! Open Internationally.

Click to join the giveaway


Flashback Friday - Twiggy

The girl who started it all...

She is so timeless =)