Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was recently nominated for this prestigious web award by the wonderful bloggers of Motive to be Pretty

Award Rules:

1) Thank and link the awesome person who nominated you
2) List the rules and display the award
3) Share 7 things/facts about yourself
4) Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their blogs to let them know you have nominated them and provide a link to your post
5) Optional. Proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog e.g. side bar and follow the person who nominated you.

7 Things about me:

1. I only feel at home when I'm near the ocean
2. My personal style takes inspiration from gypsies, hippies and free spirits
3. I can eat an entire jar of Nutella (seriously this fact is scary but it's just sooo good)
4. Mozart is the greatest musician ever (and would  probably turn in his grave at the crap we listen to now)
5. I think shorts should be worn to work =)
6. My favourite artist is Van Gogh but my favourite painting is The Scream by Edward Munch (that's a two for one fact hehe)
7. I have never bought an Apple product (can you believe it? I'm hoping to buy a new IPhone soon though)

I would like to nominate the following beautiful bloggers:

Thanks again for the cool award guys =)


  1. Congrats for the award and thinks for nominating me :)
    Well doll , I can eat a whole jar of Nutella too
    Keep in touch

  2. Thanks for the nomination! It's our second for this award, it means so much!

    the girls at
    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  3. Great blog! Would you like to follow each other on Instagram? x


  4. Hello from Spain: congratulations for your prize. Thanks for remembering my blog. Thanks for nominating me. Keep in touch

  5. Great answers. Congratulations!

  6. As an Austrian music student I highly approve of your answer #4 :D
    Would you like to follow each other on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin? Please let me know :)
    Dolce Kisses ♥

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  7. Hi!
    Amazing blog!
    Would you like to follow each other? (GFC, Bloglovin, Facebook)
    If so, please let me know, I will follow you back immediately.