Persunmall Wishlist for the New Year

I have ordered a few products from Persunmall already and I wanted to introduce you guys to some of their new arrivals. Their clothing feature popular styles and the latest trends available. Firstly, here are the products that I have bought:

Simple Look Through Shirt - 26.99

This shirt actually fitted pretty well. The fit is supposed to be slack yet comfortable. It paired well with a skirt for kicking it on a cool summer night. I bought two skirts that both went with me new shirt:

Empire Cat Print Skirt - $15.99

European Figures Printed Skirt - $30.99

To finish off my haul, I purchased a pair of earrings. I love anchor-shaped jewellery and had to get a pair like that. Next, I might buy the anchor ring  to go with my earring set. 

Blue Rhinestone Anchor Earrings - $10.99

Now a lot of their new arrivals are based on the latest trends. They are crafted from some of the finest materials yet somehow incredibly affordable. Persunmall is always full of new arrivals daily to give you a great fashion fix.  They have lookbooks to inspire you, a section on weddings and events for special occasions, and separate sections for shoes, handbags and other accessories. 

They have many fashion articles that feature their clothing like their 'Dancing Butterflies Sale' with beautiful butterfly patterns on the clothing. They have special occasion dresses up to 58% off, wedding dresses up  to 55% off and tips to show your personality with just one shirt. On their homepage they show popular picks and recommendations as well as the opportunity grab different fashion trends like fashion bags, high heels and fancy dresses. They have several collaboration opportunities for bloggers and they opportunity to invite friends and earn commission. You can check them out on six different social media sites for more information. 

Now to mention their shipping policies. They have free express shipping on orders over $100.00 and free standard shipping on all orders! Now that really is cool because most of the time, half the invoice is spent on shipping. This time, you can save your money for what really counts - the clothes! They have a size guide and a payment guide in their help section if you would like more information. They also have sections to help you on exchange and returns, customs and vat and delivery. There a bunch of frequently asked questions and an opportunity to contact them if you still have concerns or queries. 

The last thing to mention is my purchase of a couple of shorts that I bought last month. They are super cute for hanging out this summer or styling them up for dinner with a fun top and sparkly heels. Check them out:

Cool Vertical Stripes Shorts - $27.99
Pink Organza Summer Short - $15.99

For those of you into cute two-piece suits, here are some great ensembles that I fully intend to purchase in the future as well:

Lattice Hair Cords Two Piece Suit - $101.99

Short Sleeves Black and White Contrast Two Piece Suit - $117.99

Royal Soldiers Print Two Piece Suit - $46.99


  1. I have to say I love the pink pastel textured shorts!

  2. Nice shorts! Perfect for summer!

  3. That black and white ensemble is just perfect!

  4. Lovely list girl! They always have amazing items <3

    XX Nora / 1310bynora.com

  5. love the shorts with the vertical stripes! :) *