DressSale Wishlist

Here are some dresses and shoes from Dressale that I would love to add to my closet in 2014:

Pointy Toe Stiletto Pumps - $52.99
Love these white lace booties. They pair perfectly with bright colours and even with black. They are great to wear to the office and then on a date!

Dress Featuring Deep-V - $145.99
This dress is reminiscent of a grand red carpet look. It's grecian and flirty and the pale blue is totally hot for Spring.
Chiffon Evening Dress - $100.99
Do you guys remember this dress from Atonement? Keira Knightley was perfect in this emerald green silk and I sooooo want this too.
Moderate Round Toe Flats - $20.99
Okay embellished flats are all the rage. Need I say more?
Deep V Neckline - $86.99
It's grecian, it's gorgeous and it's got bling around the hight waist that adds a beautiful figure. What I love most is that this is perfect for most body types.

Check out Dressale for more =) I love all of these dresses soooo much and I totally adore the first pair of shoes. It's a pair I have been dreaming of adding to my closet as a permanent addition.


  1. Wow what a nice list! I love the last dress!

    Viky --- MySecretFashionPoison

  2. Such beautiful dress.. :)
    Keep in touch

  3. Oooh, I would love that green dress!