Aidentist Sales

Hey guys, just an update for you to check out Aidentist's Ultrasonic Scalers and Dental Headpieces:

Baola Ultrasonic Scaler - $249.99

Lotus High Speed Handpiece - $120.72

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Aidentist Excellence

1. Which brands we have?

In our shop have many the top brands , like NSK,Woodpecker,Being,Jime,Tosi. We provide a wide range of dental Product, including dental Equipment, endodontic products, surgery equipment, As a professional supplier of dental equipment. Certainly Aidentist can also supply many dental instruments that the dentist must have, such as Handpiece , Curing Light, Ultrasonic Scaler, Mirco Motor, Electric Toothbrush. Aidentist show you that we are a high-quality shopping platform .

2. Which advantages we have?

Aidentist has more than 5,000 products and Strictly control product quality . We have an international security electronic trading platform, Also the revenge global free transportation and professional Sell belong to us. All products purchased in our store has from 3-12 months warranty. Not satisfied with the product, we can 100% Return. Aidentist show you a high protection shopping platform.

3. Which Efficiency we have?

At Aidentist there is a large team of highly trained customer service experts ready to answer your questions. All of your Problems we will reply you as soon as possible. We can be reached through email, live chat, the official Aidentist forum and blog or on Aidentist's official Facebook page or Twitter account . Aidentist show you that we are a High-efficiency shopping platform.