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Christmas Gift Guide Part 1 - Kids

So every year I try to make a Christmas Gift Guide to all my readers. It helps them choose items and at least gives them an idea of what to buy. This year, no advertisers contacted me. This is simply a list of gifts I think are appropriate and they also act as a guide to items you might like to purchase. I broke everything down into categories. If I left anyone out, or you're looking for a special gift, drop me a comment and I'll make a recommendation.
By the way, Parts 2 and 3 will cover adults and pets =)

Hey, it's the least I can do as an Ajent Stylist (Yes, shameless plug, I know XD )

For the kids...

Animal Flash Cards - $14.95

Winky Plush Lamb and Blanket Set - $40.00

Harley Baby Rocker-Walker - $65.57


Hoohobbers Baby Rocker - $99.99

Fancy Nancy Washable Doll - $40.00

Cupcake Hat and Bootie Set - $45.00


Rose Fairy Tent - $350.00

30 Key Mini Grand Piano - $155.00

Tall Giraffe Plush - $100.00

Play Tent Teepee - $125.00


Discovery Space Centre Toy Set - $130.00

Play Piano - $155.00

Lamborghini Electric Car - $395.00

Five Piece Drum Set - $235.00

Fantasy Flyer Pedal Plane - $459.00

Airflow Collectibles Pink Princess Pedal Car - $269.99

Barbie Dream House - $149.00

Lisa Frank Sticker Book - $8.00


Dr Dre Pill Speaker - $199.95

Beats By Dre Headphones - $249.99

Adidad Hard Court Shoes - $40.00

Taylor by Taylor Swift - $65.00

One Direction Pillow - $18.00

Justin Bieber Pajamas - $6.66

Converse Chuck Taylor - $56.95

There it is guys! Please feel free to make some suggestions and constructive criticisms. Parts 2 and 3 will follow shortly =)


  1. These are some great gift ideas ;-)

  2. I always wanted that Barbie Hause, any girl would love that
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  3. you forgot to writte your email adress, at the end in the comment dear, so they can count you