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Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks a million to the lovely ItisCuteandCool blogger for nominating me for this award. Love you girl =)

So the rules are:
-Thank the person who granted it the award.
-Include the link to your blog.
-Select 15 blogs you've recently discovered and / or follow regularly.
-Reward the 15 bloggers who wrote the previous blogs and include a link to your blog.
- Tell seven things about yourself .

Here are the blogs I follow religiously:

Seven Things About Myself:
- My favourite colour is pink
- Sarah Jessica Parker is my style icon
- I have never seen a piece of clothing from Oscar de la Renta that I did not love
- I would give anything to own a pair of Stewart Weitzman 5050 boots
-I was invited to yesterday's Rewardstyle New York Fashion Week party and am totally bummed I could not make it =(
- I read every single comment on my blog posts and try to reply to those that require it =)

Thanks again for the award, hope you guys like my answers =)


  1. Hey there, loved your blog, just followed you on GFC, (1656) would you mind to follow back?

    Come visit me <3

  2. Congratulations my dear!!

  3. Follow you now via GFC! Now it´s your turn :)

  4. Congrats on your award! You deserve it!:)
    Take care

  5. Congrats! Great blog. :)

  6. Big congrats to you doll & that's so sweet you included mine, I am very honoured and happy you enjoy my blog, as I enjoy yours too :))) Have a beautiful Friday & weekend too Xoxox

  7. Congrats on the Award!

    Xoxo Akinyi