Firmoo Free Glasses In October

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If you never tried Firmoo or bought glasses on-line, here are some tips that might help:
 The virtual try-on system is a great help in choosing your favorite glasses:
  • 1. You'll see all wearing effects by switching to the virtual try-on mode on the product list page.
  • 2. Upload your own pictures to see how you'll look with the chosen glasses on.
  • 3. When you move the mouse over your favorite glasses, you'll find some users wearing the pair on the right side of the page. Which will be a great reference.

See more real and unbiased comments from users:
1. Do people people wearing your chosen pair of glasses under the product info go with your styles?
2. Take more customers feedbacks for reference.
Pictures and Videos from Customers:
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(The above customer photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)
New Customers, check more products for your first free pair at Firmoo.com right now! You just need to pay shipping. First come, first served!
About Firmoo
Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store.
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Nimli Fabripod Giveaway Worth $368.00!!!! - Winner Announced!

And  the winner is ... entrant no. 2 (Also displayed in the rafflecopter form). This entrant chose to remain anonymous but I will be sending them an e-mail soon. So congratulations for being the second person to enter the competition and the first to win.

To all my dear readers who didn't win this time, look out for more competitions coming soon =)

This time around my lovely readers, I am hosting a giveaway with Nimli to bring you the beautiful Fabripod Small Round Urchin Lamp in Birch that you see pictured above. The product is worth $368.00 and is all yours if you win for free! I know it is exciting but first, let me tell you about the brand.

Nimli is a wonderful marketplace of independent designers, curators and sellers. Fabripod sells wonderful lighting fixtures like this one that is 14" wide x 12" high. The small urchin is perfect for a pendant light in your dining room or as a floor or table lamp in your living room. Very thin wood veneer is translucent when lit. Every Fabripod lamp comes with a 12' pendant cord.

So without further ado, use the Rafflecopter form below to enter the competition and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Choies Haul

Here are items from my recent purchase at Choies:

I was totally surprised to get a hard scratch-proof case and travel case with my sunglasses as well as a magazine with style tips and coupons! I must say this is the first time I've shopped with them and would definitely do it again.

Just thought I'd share that with readers who like the extra bang with their buck. And the clothes were pretty sturdy too =) Thanks Choies!

Hot Sale Reflector Sunglasses - $21.99

White Shorts with Cross Pattern - $27.99

Shop more shorts from Choies and cool accessories like Sunglasses only at Choies

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Kathy Wilson's Stanford Row Interview

Here is the Kathy Wilson interview from Stanford Row:

Me: Oh Kathy I am very excited about catching up with you, your designs have captured something quite unique and they display the quality and skill that fills me with confidence and appreciation for your craft. So tell me a bit about your work?
Kathy: "My atelier launched after I designed a jacket for Stevie Wonder that he wore to the President Obama's first White House Correspondents' Dinner. I am a menswear and womenswear designer who started on red carpet pieces for celebrities under Richard Tyler Couture.  I love doing gowns and suits but after researching where the market was moving, I decided to launch a contemporary line during my participation in a reality show called "All On The Line with Joe Zee" for Sundance Channel."
Me: That is really quite exciting. Would you tell us about your atelier, what is the space you work in like?
Farrar top
Kathy: "I design out of my home studio in Brooklyn. I sketch and drape on my dress forms here.  Then I get my samples done and take sales appointments out of my showroom in New York's garment district."
Me: What made you want to make your designs bespoke?
Kathy: "My introduction to bespoke clothing came from my first job at Richard Tyler.  It was where I learned how to measure and make beautiful clothes inside and out."
Me: And appreciate that no doubt So what are your personal thoughts on bespoke clothing?
Kathy: "I love bespoke clothing but it is very hard to find customers that understand the artisanal quality and care of this type of work.  Most consumers follow trends and don't have a sense of quality that bespoke customers understand."
Me: Beautifully said, I am really passionate about helping people become more confident and savvy dressers, I believe bespoke is something people are beginning to appreciate more an more. In terms of your work what are the most pressing challenges you face in this current time?
Kathy: "I find that Americans are all about sales.  Black Friday and getting a great deal has programmed people to only buy things on discount.  It turns people in hoarders instead of people that love things that they can hold onto and resell later on."
Me: Amen! That is the reality, it seems a transformation of peoples thinking is what is needed, one genuine item at a time. The thing I find the biggest difference with bespoke as opposed to mass produced, is the relationship. Suddenly you have a relationship with the person making your garment, I am curious, how do you personally work with your clients?

Kathy: "I generally have clients that see my work and then make request for a suit or a dress.  Then I ask them what their budget is because I want to make sure I go under budget.  I proceed by asking them what they like and don't like about their body.  I ask about fabrics, colors, cuts, and then I take their measurements.  I create three sketches and then they get to pick which one they want to make.  Sometimes, they make all of them."
Me: Now that sounds like fun. I can absolutely see the temptation to then have all three. This is what excites me about the process, you can discuss figures and flaws and tastes and really get it right. Ok let’s play. Your designs are obviously gorgeous, you have been spotted by a notable person in need of an outfit for a special event, who would you really like to dress in your designs?
Kathy: "My dream client is Angelina Jolie because she is a beautiful person on the inside as well as on the outside.  That my ideal client in general.  I want to dress people that make a difference in the world in a positive way."
Me: Oh, lovely! Now which item from your range on Stanford Row would you tailor make for them and why?
Kathy: "I would make her the Iris dress because it combines softness with the purple silk burnout fabric and some edginess using the black lambskin leather.  It is feminine but conveys strength."
Me: She would look superb in this dress, showing off her cleavage then accentuating the hip curve. So back to you, how did you get here, were there some key moments or can you see the trail?
Kathy: "My mom owns a salon in the Silicon Valley that I used to help out at in order to spend time with her.  As a result, I was surrounded by very successful women that inspired me to design for the woman I wanted to become. When I went to FIDM in Los Angeles I landed an internship with Richard Tyler and got hired after my third day as an intern.  I started working with celebrities before I graduated and learned all about impeccable tailoring from him.
I left my job there to be with my husband during his military service.  It took us to Japan where I got to live for three years taking in fashion inspiration.  I designed gowns for some of the military wives and learnt about manufacturing overseas. When I came back to the states, my husband suggested we go to New York to help me get back into fashion.  I had many custom clients and made a profit on my first orders. Then I got a request from Stevie Wonder's people to do a jacket for him.  When I delivered it, they decided that he would wear it to the White House Correspondents' Dinner the following day."
Me: Oh my, tell me more...
Kathy: "It was the best day of my professional life. I met Stevie Wonder's wife for lunch at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills to deliver his jacket.  Afterwards, we walked to her studio where she asked me if it would be okay to have him wear it to the White House.  Then she showed me the collection she was working on for Michelle Obama and I got to touch all of the dresses and give her my thoughts.  It was amazing."
Me: Who would you say has influenced you the most, and where could we see that influence?
Kathy: "Richard Tyler. In the way I finish my custom garments."
Me: And Kathy, what would you say to people who are thinking about taking clothing out of the hands of mass producers and entrusting it to the tailors, dressmakers and specialists out there today?
Kathy"I would tell them that they will not look at clothing the same way again. Having clothes made for you is special, and wearing them makes you feel powerful. Where mass production makes us fit into average, bespoke empowers us to be fully who we are."
Me: Well thank you Kathy, it has been lovely to hear a bit about your journey and have some of your insights. If you have been inspired by Kathy's designs click here to find her online at StanfordRow.com where you can find designs tailor made to you!
Till next time, take care everyone. S

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