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This week we're talking to Sarah Beale. Creator of made to measure clothes with here label Dame & Maiden
Hello Sarah, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed and for playing our dress up dilemma game. It's always nice to know where someone comes from so our first question as always is, What were you called as a child? 
Sarah:  ha ha, I've had a lot of nicknames in my life...but the main one my parents called me as a child was bird.. at some times my dad still calls me this :D
US:  Dad's eh, that's lovely, so without being to nosey how old are you (really:) 
Sarah:  (she didn't blink once) 31

US:  You look fantastic, so when did you first know you wanted to design/sew/create?
Sarah: "that's an easy one, about halfway though college. Stores in Ames Iowa just weren't cutting it for me.US:

US: So who inspired you and how? 
Sarah: "Yeah, I was inspired by vintage clothing and the idea of making whatever I could come up with in my head and something that no one else would have".
US: So you're a head person, Tell us about the space you work in and why did you choose there?
Sarah: "I work full time in a studio in my house. I have thought about opening a shop in Des Moines where I live, but I absolutely love being home working. My space has plenty of light and windows and it makes me feel like I'm outside and not cooped up inside all day. My husband and I are looking for a bigger house so I can expand my workspace and maybe have a small showroom attached".
US:  So we're jealous now.  Ok, so now the dilemma. You've just got a call from a major personality, they've got to leave for a special event in 15 minutes and they want you to dress them. Who would be the personality you'd most like to get that call from?

Sarah: "That's easy, in my ideal world it would be Erin Watson! I love her style and used to see her from time to time in my neighbourhood when I  lived in LA. She is amazing and effortlessly cool."

US:  Alrighty then, you know the game. You only have three items to work with. Firstly, one of your items, secondly, a classic item - you decide what makes it a classic - and thirdly (in your opinion) the next Big Thing. Let's start with an item from your range to start with and why?

 Sarah: "the reason I chose this item for Erin is it's all about length, long lines and smooth flowing movement. That's Erin in my mind'.

US: Great, so what's classic item to match Erin and your maxi with and why? 
Sarah: " well it may seem  bit obvious to some but then again, no. I would choose a classic motorcycle jacket to pair with this dress. It's the whole 'boyfriend' look that gets me, young love, hope. It only works this way round though. If my husband asked to wear one of my dresses when we go riding together, well you know what I mean".
US: yeah, that way round loses something. Well so far you have Erin in your off the shoulder maxi dress and a classic leather bike jacket, what's the next big thing you're going to finish her look off with?
Sarah: "ah, well I couldn't do this myself but I would if I could. The final touch for Erin and in my opinion the next Big Thing  would have to be short punky hair."

US: Fabulous, we'll tweet her your look. So before we go, just one last thing. What's the best tip or trick you ever learnt? 
Sarah: How to load on mascara without it looking like I loaded it on.. Love 60s lashes and I'm addicted to mascara! 
'Excellent, thank you Sarah, it's been an absolute pleasure  hearing about your world.

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  5. Great interview! Love her style and I want that motorcycle jacket!