Firmoo Crazy Giveaway

My dear readers now I bring some amazing news that Firmoo is giving out FREE glasses with you!
Are you bored with your overused & old style glasses? Now is the time for you to replace those tired, outdated glasses that you may have had for so long and trade them in for glasses that are modern, fashionable and perfect for you! It's also a given fact that we should have our eyes checked and glasses prescription updated once a year to reduce the risk of our eyesight deteriorating from using old prescription eyeglasses! Okay so I had all of this information but still budget gets tight sometimes. But now dear readers  Firmoo is giving out a free pair. They are offering FREE glasses (Frames + Lenses + Shipping = $0!) as well as discount coupons, so that any one of you can take an advantage of them! Don't miss out on the Firmoo free offer!
Furthermore, if you are a first time customer at Firmoo, you can also get your first pair for free . Only pay a minimum $6.95 shipping fee.
But for those who missed the free pair, you still don't have to be discouraged because they have another limited time offer which will save you 20% off on frames + total shipping fee. If you would like to see my very first Firmoo review, check it out here.
Isn't that awesome?!Take your time and enjoy your good luck at http://www.firmoo.com/z/crazy-giveaway.html


Coachella 2013

The best outfits from Coachella 2013:

The girls really rocked it out this year. See more of Fashion Magazine's picks. 


Lovely Gowns for a Fabulous Night Out

My dear readers, I know that some of you have lately been looking for some evening gowns and inspiration for prom dresses. In fact, my younger readers have probably already bought their prom dresses. That being said, here is a little bit of inspiration from EFoxCity and their evening dresses 2013 to help you choose the right style for you or even give you an idea of what you can wear for a fabulous night out. For those of you not seeking gowns, EFoxCity also has wholesale ladies clothing and wholesale clothing from China so don't be shy and check them out. Happy shopping readers =)


Ancient Greek Sandals

I love when the weather is perfect for wearing sandals and here are some from one of my fave brands Ancient Greek Sandals. Of course they are super expensive but a girl can dream right...

Ikaria Strappy Sandal - $185.87

Iris Leather Sandals - $198.00

Anc E-Ino Shoes - $240.00

Alcyone Sandals -$210.00

Arethousa - $195.00

Calypso Slingbacks - $230.00

Natural Nausicaa - $112.68

Sigh... if only I could afford them I would totally rock any of these pairs =)


A Great Way to Help You Save on Glasses

My dear readers several days ago, Firmoo contacted me to collaborate with them because they are giving out free glasses and would like me to spread the great news to you! I am so glad to share it with you here as it is a wonderful chance for those who need glasses! I know you must be thinking that there is some catch but there really isn't! Yes, it is totally free for you! Frame + Lenses + Shipping = $0! 

How long have you kept your current glasses? I can bet for most of you the last time you bought a new pair of glasses is three years ago or longer. It is highly suggested by professional ophthalmologists that you should have a yearly eye exam and replace your glasses regularly to ensure your eye health. If your prescription has changed but you still wear the old prescription eyeglasses, you are in high-risk of deteriorating your vision. Firmoo is a company I recently got my new pair of specs from and they were great. They even had this great online tool that allowed me to try them on before I bought them. See my previous blog post here.

So are you thinking about getting a pair of new glasses but worried it would cost you an arm and a leg? Head over to   http://www.firmoo.com/z/blogger-crazy-giveaway.html  and get your free glasses now!


Tattoo Inspiration For The Free Spirit

The results of Google surfing for some tattoo inspiration:

For those of you not wanting to permanently ink yourself or if you want to try out a style before you make it permanent, here are some cheaper yet still stylish alternatives in the form of temporary tattoos:

Burrowing Home Tattoo - $12.00

Feather Tattoo - $12.00

Sketch Tattoo - $12.00
Butterfly Tattoo - $12.00
Fox Skull - $12.00

Happy Tattooing Readers =)