Flashback Friday - New Orleans Girls

Haunting pics of New Orleans' red-light district women over 100 years ago

See more stories and shots from Daily Mail Online


Converse's New Campaign

Converse launched its new campaign on March 21st and here are some great pictures to inspire you guys:

Well worn is the Converse approach to encouraging you to have a shiny new pair of shoes without looking shiny and new. There is nothing like your scuffed up old comfy pair of Chuck Taylors so for March 2013 Converse have invented the Well worn collection. In all the new seasonal colours, Butterscotch, Tango Red, Turtledove and the rest, these new style Chucks are part of a softer canvas collection with stained and distressed sole and toe caps, slightly dirtied and thinner laces. Generally one gets that comfy old shoe feeling the first time you put them on.

Converse Drizzle Ox Trainers
Converse Tango Red Chuck Taylor
Cashmere Rose Trainers
Hi Butterscotch Converse

The Converse seasonal brand expression is “Shoes Keep It Clean, Sneakers Get Dirty."


Minimalist Fashion

A clean aesthetic is embraced is this photo shoot with no frills, just thrills.

See the entire photo shoot from Damian Foxe from How To Spend It Magazine.


eFoxCity March Wishlist

My March wishlist from a great clothing store. Spring is in the air and here are my top picks from EFoxCity. As always see links below for purchasing options.

Euro Style Necklace - $9.36

Cotton Chiffon Dress - $14.69

Women's Scarf Blouse - $15.99

Yellow Asymmetrical Dress - $12.49

Sleeveless Blends Dress - $12.49

Check out all the new arrivals at eFoxCity

For all you dress lovers out there, they also have cheap Quinceanera dresses like this one for only $203.55:

Sheath Black Dress - $233.33
Here is the link for more formal evening dresses 2012

For more discount clothing online go to EFoxCity


Kate Middleton Shows Expectant-Mom Chic

Ok, now I know most of my readers are dying to get their hands on her clothes so here goes (Hurry cause the stuff Kate wears sells out really quick!):

Even though the black dress appears to be sold out now, I have been told that more is being reordered to keep checking back =)



To all my dear readers

This is to let you know that Google Reader will be shut down by July 1st. Of course, you can still follow my blog via bloglovin. Don't forget to transfer your blogs soon.

Till tomorrow =)


Oscar de la Renta Strikes Again

In another amazing collection, Oscar de la Renta presented some fabulous ballgowns and ready to wear pieces.

Shop Oscar de la Renta gowns here, here and here

Get the gorgeous red earrings here and the shoes here