The Earth Post

Time to show the Earth some love by featuring melting polar ice caps. A little reminder that we need to care for Mother Earth.

See more breathtaking pictures from the Daily Mail


Facebook and 1000 Followers!!!!!!!!!!

So for all my dear readers, especially those who stalk me (I don't mind it though), you would have noticed I added the Facebook icon to my page.

I finally got the fan page for Le Petit Plastique set up and would love for you all to check it out and give me a Like =)

Please feel free to follow me, like me, message me or pretty much do anything you like. Hope you guys check it out. The button is on the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Oh and look out for a giveaway coming soon to celebrate reaching 1000 followers

Thank you all so much for your support =)


EFoxCity Mini Haul

Love my little cherry necklace. It cost me only $9.31 USD

Buy it here or see more from EFoxCity

So here are some of things I still want to buy from this online women's clothing store :

Gold Diamond Mask Ring -$5.49
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They have men's shirts too so check them out

Mask Necklace - $8.04

White Flash Pearl Earring - $7.76

Diamond Five Star Earring -$7.76

I can't decide which pair of earrings I like the most. It all depends on how I feel the day of purchase.

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Flashback Friday - Dresses of Weddings Past

So lately I am inspired by classic and vintage weddings for their sense of low-key style and happiness. Here are some famous and not-so-famous dresses that stand out above the rest:

Audrey Hepburn in Balmain to Mel Ferrer
Liz Taylor and Nicky Hilton
Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier
Jackie Bouvier to JFK
Marie Antoinette

Padme to Anakin

Reem Accra

Reem Accra



Cara for DKNY vs Karlie for Donna Karan

Cara Delvingne is the face of DKNY while Karlie Kloss is the more expensive Donna Karan's model for 2013.
Personally, I love the DKNY looks more but both models are two of my faves
BTW, check out the white shoes in the 2nd pic - Gorge!

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