Insta-Faves Of The Year

So my Instagram has only been up for less than two months. But hey, I still qualify for a 2013 round-up don't I?

So here they are, the best of my best (as loved by you guys of course):



That's it, I'm done. I can go home now. My work here is finished. lol.

You know you've reached when...


Chanel Paris likes a picture of yours on Instagram!

Totally made my day =)

BTW guys, you can get the book by Karl Lagerfeld at Net A Porter here:


Merry Christmas 2013!!!!!

A little Christmas cheer to last until the New Year...

Merry Christmas my lovely readers =)


TrendArY Introduction

Just a little intro to TrendArY and who they are:

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My Instagram!

I finally got my Instagram going (as some of you may have noticed)! I am super excited to be posting pictures from my daily inspirations to all my lovely followers. Please follow me along each day @lepetitplastique

Or follow me here:


To get the ball rolling, here are a few of my Instapics:

Shop the looks featured in this post: