Coachella Wardrobe

So, if I were going to Coachella...Oh how I wish =(, here's what I would wear:

The perfect headband. What free-spirited gathering would be complete without it?
A hobo bag to showcase my love of accessories:

Dreamweaver Crossbody - $168.00

My feet need to be comfortable for all the hours of dancing I'd do...

Barachel Sandal - $80.00

Stretch Arm Band - $28.00

Finally, in case I decide to spend the night and camp:

Survival Hair Kit - $60.00

Northern Sky Beach Tent - $285.00

Nipomo Blanket - $78.00

Handpainted Tambourine - $60.00

Paper Garland - $30.00

24 Pack Hair Chalk - $24.00

But alas, I won't be going. So I'll have to settle for images of Kate enjoying herself and being a style icon instead. *sigh*


Accessories for Spring

I love pastel colours and floral elements for Spring. So here are some picks of mine to update your wardrobe for the season:

Petal Design Clutch - $25.49

Handle Bag with Tiered Ruffles - $22.69

How cute are those clutches? I love the pale colours and ruffles. Below are some gorgeous earrings with flower embellishments that are a great addition to any look day and night.

Four Leaf Clover Earrings - $11.49

Bridal Earrings  - $6.49

Check out the pumps below. I totally love the little red heart. Match with a red dress for a star outfit. And need I say more about the baby blue pumps below?

Platform with Sweetheart Embellishment - $47.99
Woollen Stiletto Pumps - $48.99

I ended things off with some statement bangles and a jewellery box for you to store your new acquisitions. 


Kendra's Nights Out Challenge

So I'm creating a mood board of the perfect wardrobe for Kendra Thornton. It's a challenge involving many bloggers and I have to style her for her next vacation.

Here's a little more about the trip:

I am about to embark upon an exciting trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom Park with my family. There will be so much to see there, for my kids as well as my husband and I. We'll be arriving in Orlando and visiting Animal Kingdom in a couple of weeks and the only thing I haven't figured out yet is what I'm going to wear. That's why I've come up with the idea of Kendra's Fashion Challenge. This is a new contest where I invite my favorite bloggers to provide suggestions on what I should wear on this upcoming vacation! As a busy mother of three, I haven't exactly had much time lately to pay attention to fashion. So I'm counting on some of the hippest fashion expert bloggers to bring me up to date!

In planning our trip to Orlando and Disney's Animal Kingdom, we were immensely helped by Gogobot. This is a site that is full of useful recommendations for hotels and attractions. Not only are there thorough listings for places and activities, but you can read reviews to find out exactly what's good and bad about every listing. This resource has really helped us narrow down what to do and see on our trip. I'm particularly looking forward to bringing my kids to the Oasis Exhibits at Animal Kingdom Park. This is a self-guided walk that provides the experience of being at an African oasis, complete with the animals you'd expect to find there. This area, which is near the park's entrance, contains all kinds of exotic species of wildlife, such as giant anteater, wallaby, barking deer and exotic boar. This should be a great experience for my kids! Aside from Animal Kingdom Park, Orlando has so much to offer. After a day of sightseeing, I'm looking forward to eating at some fine restaurants and relaxing with some cocktails. Orlando is one of my favorite destinations, and once I know what I'm going to wear, I'll be all set to go!

Here are some links to Kendra's social network:

The entire wardrobe is under $1000.00. $846.40 to be exact. I suggested a good moisturiser for any sunny vacation and a good lipstick is always worth the price. Other than that, a couple of top accessories allows you to mix and match. A comfy cool pair of sandals is key and two bathing suits that are sexy yet sophisticated can be worn by almost every body type.

Tell me what you guys think of my mood board.

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Introducing a new website, Styul

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